Ways to Hang and Display Your New Sign

So, you are thinking of buying one of our wooden or acrylic signs (or have already bought one!) and wonder how best to hang or display it...well, it depends really on how you plan to use it but we have a few suggestions below that may help:

Mount to a Wall

If you are wanting to mount your sign directly to a wall (or similar flat surface) for a long-term, we recommend using command strips.  They are super easy to use and leave no marks if removed.  As they don't require putting any holes in the wall, it's an ideal choice for renters.  They are also a great option if using at an event as they are super easy to remove once finished with.  We recommend  you always double check the size and weight the strips will hold but for example, their medium sized strips can hold up to 12lbs of weight and this is a lot more than your sign will be so is a pretty safe bet.  You can also use strong double sided tape.

 Mount the Sign to a Feature Wall

A huge trend now is to use feature walls at events and celebrations and a name sign is a perfect focal point.  As the signs are lightweight, you can use clear fishing line to hang your sign on a feature wall like the examples below.

Hang your Sign

Another great way to display is to hang from above, again, using clear fishing line which is strong enough to hold them.  This is a great effective look for events and also for the home.  If you need to make additional small hanging holes in our wooden signs, use a small drill bit (not recommended on acrylic signs) otherwise you can tie around the letter tops.

Other hanging solutions include picture hooks and sawtooth hangers.  So hopefully that helps and gives you a little bit of a help on the best way to display your bespoke new sign!