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Double QR Business Social Media Sign | Easy Scan QR Code Signage

Double QR Business Social Media Sign | Easy Scan QR Code Signage

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Double QR Code with Icon Business Social Media Sign | Customizable Display for Professionals 🌟🔗

Elevate your professional space with our Double QR Code with Icon Business Social Media Sign, tailor-made for salons, beauty parlors, hairdressers, and all business professionals seeking to boost their online and physical presence. This sign, designed for strategic placement on reception desks or countertops, acts as an elegant and effective advertiser for your social media pages and business website.

Designed for Engagement & Customization:

  • Dimensions: Crafted at 22.5cm wide by 14.5cm high, the sign is perfectly sized for visibility without overwhelming your space.
  • Personalize Your Sign: We offer the flexibility to edit the sign to fit your branding needs. Whether you're aiming for specific wording changes or different QR code links, simply leave a note in the comment box at checkout.
  • Dual QR Code Functionality: Featuring two distinct QR codes created in-house based on the web links you provide, each accompanied by a small printed icon for easy identification, directing customers to your chosen platforms effortlessly.

Adaptable & Versatile:

  • Broad Applications: Ideal for directing traffic not just to social media pages but also to websites, or facilitating digital payments through platforms like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and more.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from 3mm clear acrylic, available in a spectrum of 20 background colors and 12 mirror acrylic colors, ensuring a match for any business theme. Our signs are printed in full HD, offering a superior, lasting finish without the use of vinyl or acrylic paints.

Icon Choices Include:

  • Social Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn
  • Communication: Website, Phone, Email, WhatsApp
  • Payments: PayPal, Cash App, Venmo
  • Additional: Twitch, Discord, Wifi, Google +, Zelle

Aesthetic & Practical:

  • Stable and Secure: Comes with a matching mirror base, guaranteeing stability wherever it's placed, drawing attention and encouraging customer interaction.
  • Eye-Catching Design: Not just functional, this sign is designed to be a visually appealing addition to your business, enhancing the customer experience and your brand's visibility.

📣 For Custom Orders & Bulk Purchases:

Looking for a sign that perfectly aligns with your brand identity? For personalized designs or bulk orders, reach out to us at Our dedicated team is ready to meet your specific requirements with exclusive offers and services.

⚠️ Shipping & Quality Assurance:

We are committed to delivering excellence. If there are any issues upon delivery, please report them within 24 hours as per our shipping policy for a quick and satisfactory resolution.

Our Double QR Code with Icon Business Social Media Sign is more than just a sign; it's a strategy to seamlessly integrate your physical presence with your digital engagement efforts. Order now to bridge the gap between your business and your online audience in a stylish and efficient manner!

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