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Double QR Code Business Payment Sign | Personalised Social Media QR Code Sign

Double QR Code Business Payment Sign | Personalised Social Media QR Code Sign

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Double QR Code Business Social Media Sign

Unlock a new level of engagement and convenience for your business with our Double QR Code Business Social Media Sign. Expertly crafted to serve as an elegant payment and social media platform advertiser, this sign is perfect for enhancing the digital interaction between your business and its clientele. Placed strategically on your reception desk or countertop, it invites customers to connect with your business in just a scan.

Sleek Design & Customizable Features:

  • Plaque Size: Measuring 22.5cm wide by 14.5cm high, it's designed to command attention while fitting neatly into any space.
  • Personalization at Its Best: Tailor your sign to reflect your brand’s voice and message. Specify your wording preferences in the comment box at checkout for a truly personalized touch.
  • Dual QR Connectivity: Equipped with two QR codes, link directly to any chosen payment site or digital platform, enhancing your business's accessibility and user engagement.

Versatile Use Across Digital Platforms:

  • Wide Range of Applications: Ideal for directing traffic to websites, social media pages, or managing digital payments through platforms like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc. Just provide the necessary usernames or direct links for seamless integration.
  • Tailored to Your Specifications: Text customization is meticulously copied from your order to ensure accuracy in every detail, including spellings and capitalizations.

Crafted for Quality and Appeal:

  • Premium Materials: Constructed from 3mm clear acrylic, our signs boast durability and are available in 20 background colors and 12 mirror acrylic colors, ensuring a perfect match for any branding theme.
  • High-Definition Printing: Achieve a superior, long-lasting finish with our full HD printing technique, a notable step above traditional vinyl or painted signs.

A Statement Piece for Any Business:

  • Stable and Secure Display: Each sign comes with a matching mirror base, ensuring it stands firm where you place it.
  • Designed to Catch the Eye: Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but its aesthetically pleasing design also makes it a focal point of your business decor, enhancing the overall customer experience.

📣 Custom Orders & Bulk Purchases:

We understand the unique needs of your business. For custom designs or inquiries about bulk orders, please contact us at We’re here to accommodate your specific requirements with exclusive offers and services.

⚠️ Shipping & Quality Assurance:

Dedicated to delivering excellence, we urge you to report any issues with delivery within 24 hours, as per our shipping policy, to ensure prompt resolution.

Elevate your business space and digital presence with our Double QR Code Business Social Media Sign. Order now to bridge the gap between your physical location and online platforms, offering your customers a seamless way to engage and transact with your brand.

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